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napago - 777

by Nathan Goheen

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L'aventurier 03:32
A rebel from the start, she knew in her heart, she'd have to leave her home, her friends and all she'd known. Her fortune lay in a far off land, so she set out to brave the sun and sand. She met the good. She met the bad. She met the ugly. All of them searching for the gold. Empty-handed, she returned to the start feeling as though she had missed her mark. Til she remembered the words of a sage she'd encountered along the way. Who said, "You are all of these - the good, the bad, and the ugly. And you've had your treasure all along. And now it's time for you to sing your song. Sing your own song."
Just a pillow to dry my tears. It alone accepts all fears. I've lost so much, feel I've gained so little. Only your touch won't break this brittle soul inside longing for you. Seeking your essence and your love of blue of this ocean inside needing you to guide these waters to their homes, this man off his island. Amen. This blanket has become a sort of shroud. And though it comforts it does not give the touch of your tenderness nor the caress of your gentle kiss. Will you give ourselves this chance? To let our flames eternally dance? For the two to become one? Blessed am I with you Jerusalem. Amen.
My Baby 03:38
My girl's smiling again even after all the wrong I'd given. Her cute dimples are telling me gimme a kiss or one hundred and three. My darling's dancing again. I love to see her laughing and jumping. She's telling a beautiful story with the moves her body is showing me. My beautiful sexy queen, she's my all, my everything. And like the first robin in spring, when I see her, hope is what she bring. My baby's singing to me one of her Heavenly melodies. Even God's angels don't sound so sweet. i can't believe He sent her here for me. My beautiful sexy queen, she's my all, my everything. And like the first robin in spring, when I see her, hope is what she bring. Maybe you'd question why I feel like I'm in Heaven. It's my baby. I'm in love with her crazy.
Late last night, after the questions had gone to bed, you held all answers. You knew the beauty of the world. Why can't you always keep this feeling? This serenity some find in a holy place kneeling? Over you I watch. In the sky you'll see her in my pale veiled light. I'll soon caress your dreams like they were the tide. All last night, after the answers had laid down their heads, you questioned your bones, the spirit of your soul and their meaning. Why? What? Who? Are you supposed to be? And supposed to do? She rises to her throne in the sky. She strengthens with her fire and light. Promising joy, love, and happiness to all the world.
777 04:12
Leave your layers and lessen your load. Shed your skin and soften your soul.
Requiescat 02:55
Lovely, golden soul tender to all. Filled our hearts with hope, we'd need for our journyes. But she was called back home. No words can say what she gave to us.
For the End 05:39
You're working for the end. You're working for the end, my friend. When you can have some drink, have yourself a little smoke, forget the past five days, sit around and tell your favorite jokes. You're only thinking of the end, my friend, so you try to live your life without a sin. Tell the others where your goin, let'em know where they might end, if they don't heed your warning, this scare you try to put in them. The river rolls, serenades the sand. Grain after grain slips through our hands. I'm living for the end, my friend. I'm living for my friend, the end. I never enjoy the passing of the days, I'm always too concerned with making the world conform to my ways. We're all living for an end. We're all living for an end, my friend, when we can turn it off and shut if down, lay our heads to rest, and finally take of our crowns. River rolls, serenades the sand. Grain after grain slips through our hands.


released November 5, 2016


all rights reserved


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